The Balige Batak Museum lies in the Balige Tourist Area, Soposurung, Toba Samosir. There are two main museum buildings in the area; the T.B. Silalahi Museum and the Balige Batak Museum. The Balige Batak Museum contains a diverse collection of Batak cultural artifacts; the collection ranges from traditional clothing to sacred objects from various areas in northern Sumatra.

The private museum of T.B. Silalahi, also known as T.B. Silalahi Footprints and History Museum, is located in the main building. In this museum, the life history of Lieutenant General (Ret.) Dr. T.B. Silalahi is available for public viewing. Its purpose is to motivate the young generation to strive and go after their goals. T.B. Silalahi himself started as a young buffalo shepherd and ended up as a general. Inside this room, there are panels depicting T.B. Silalahi’s life history and career.